Our Medical Services

The human body is an amazing organism with many parts and systems working in harmony. Grove Hill Memorial Hospital’s amazing staff also works together — with each department or service doing its part to keep all your parts functioning at their healthy best!

See our services below and click the appropriate link to learn more about a specific department or service.

Cardio-Respiratory Therapy

The Cardio-Respiratory Therapy department provides cardiac and respiratory therapy diagnostic and therapeutic services to both in-patient and out-patient populations to our community and surrounding areas. Quality, conscientious, cost-effective, and competent care with respect for life and dignity at every stage of the human experience is offered to all ages from newborn to geriatric.


Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs

The Cardiac & Pulmonary rehabilitation programs are outpatient programs designed to help heart and lung patients recover faster and improve their overall quality of life. Services offered include supervised exercise, education, and counseling. Each individual has unique needs and goals. Our team is committed to assisting each individual along his or her personal road to recovery.



The Hospital Laboratory four top-of-the-line Beckman-Coutler analyzers to provide laboratory service to all of our patients. The Chemistry Analyzer is a state of the art analyzer. It can provide 56 chemical analyses from a small blood sample to include your blood sugar, chlorides, potassium, magnesium levels, and liver enzymes to keep your body chemically in balance.



Our goal at Grove Hill Memorial Hospital’s Surgery Department is to give our patients the best possible care we can provide. We have experienced doctors and staff to make you feel comfortable and at home. We have updated equipment to provide you with the best care. We have outpatient and inpatient surgical services, and we do surgery Monday to Friday with emergency staff on call 24/7. Dr. Heather Bright performs general surgery, wound care, and GI procedures (colonoscopy and EGD) laparoscopic available. Her surgery days are Monday and Wednesday. She is in clinic at Grove Hill Health Care from 8a-5p on Tuesday and 8a-12p on Thursday.



As a medical specialty, radiology can be classified into two subfields. Diagnostic radiology is concerned with the use of various imaging modalities to aid in the diagnosis of disease. Interventional radiology uses these imaging modalities to guide minimally invasive surgical procedures. AT Grove Hill Memorial Hospital, we offer Mammography, Computed Tomography (CT or CAT Scan), and Ultrasonography.


Outpatient IV Infusion Services

Patients with a variety of acute and chronic illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or Crohn’s disease, can take advantage of our outpatient infusion and injection services. Our Nurses will administer medications prescribed by your Physician or provider, so you can receive quality medical care close to home. We also care for patients who require regular IV therapy. 



Grove Hill Memorial Hospital’s Labor and Delivery and Post-Partum departments provide pregnancy, childbirth, and after birth care to mothers across multiple counties. We offer a family-centered birthing model that focuses on the comfort and health of the mother and child. Our physicians include Dr. Max Rogers, Obstetrics and Gynecology and
Dr. Salah Al-Abbadi, Family Practice/Obstetrics